Prophetic Memories

Prophetic Memories

 We prophesy about Earth changes, Space weather, Earthquakes, Natural disasters, these are all but subtle changes and shifts in consciousness on the planet and in other dimensions. We prophesy, predict, report, and document these events as signs to what Spirit is saying and doing on the planet, outer space and within our individual lives.

The outer events are reflecting what has not yet happened within, at least consciously. Each event, though it may be 93 million miles away is layered with prophetic insight, hidden messages and more prophecies. As we learn to tap into and use more spiritual or energetic RAM (Random Access Memory), it will require less time decoding the hidden truth of each event. Didn’t Master Yahushua (Jesus) teach us that the Holy Spirit would show us things before they happen and bring all things back to our memory?

The prophetic can be seen somewhat like memories of an event already experienced in an altered state of consciousness. Only parts of that random memory, we are able to access at this time. Apostle Paul said, “We know and prophesy in part.” Faith and focused meditation allows a greater part of prophetic memories to be accessed.

The future exist now and so does the past and present. The prophetic ability allows one to be somewhat aware of the transition between what we know of as past, present and future. The walls of dimensionality and time does not exist when consciously operating in the prophetic. The so called future events which are witnessed and recorded in real time by the prophetic Eye or Ear remain happening, happened and going to happen; until the so called past catches up with what was witnessed as a future event and becomes the now-present event.

We transit these realms, dimensions and what we call “time” frequently and unconsciously; while going about our daily duties and having non spiritual experiences. One does not have to be in a constant  what we think of spirituality state; praying, meditating, or reading to have these experiences. However, remaining in those states as much as possible helps.


“And swore by him that lives for ever and ever, who created heaven, and the things that therein are, and the earth, and the things that therein are, and the sea, and the things which are therein, that there should be time no longer.” Revelation 10:6

De ja vu is a common example of our multi-dimensional or trans-dimensional experiences we all have. What we know of as time only exist because we believe it exist. In altered states of consciousness the hands of time are broken, we mentally teleport to sample life, experiences and events which are real. Hours, days, weeks, months or years later, after your physical self has gone through the illusion of time; it catches up with the event or experience you have already had. The present mind with very little RAM tries to re-member, but only capture a smell, taste, feeling, image or sound. We call it “de ja vu”.   De ja vu is you awakening to a prophetic encounter, you knew it before it consciously became present.


It was in 2007, when I learned that God’s so called Clock was broken, at least that’s the way it appeared to me. The wonderful godly plans and normal plans I had were not coming together. As I tried to tinker with God’s broken clock, because I could not hear it ticking; I soon realized the problem. God’s clock did not even have hands.

Spirit does some funny things some times when one agrees to live in the prophetic (choosing to listen). It was in 2007 when something happened to the energy flow in my body. My nice Klaus Kobec watch stop working and even cheaper watches would not keep time when I wore them. So I hadn’t worn a watch since 2007, until recently 2014. (I started to wear a kinetic watch). On top of that in 2007, my Grandfather Clock got damaged, the hands stop moving and battery operated clocks in the house didn’t keep time.

As I questioned Spirit about these happening, He told me it was 13 o’clock. Yes, God’s so call time is forever 13 o’clock, there are no hands to move, and no ticking. He told me to set my Grandfather Clock at 13 o’clock (both hands between 12 and 1) and not to repair it. It stayed that way as a prophetic sign, until we gave it away late October 2011. That was a prophetic demonstration or sign for me to detach from what I know of as time as much as possible. What a challenge for someone very “time conscious” and could easily go into fits when someone waste my time or if I was late. (I think I’ve learned the lesson now).

13 o’clock is the eternal moment, NOW. It is the place or state of mind where one realizes Yahweh is in His holy temple and all carnality must submit to Him. It is the practice of BEING, which kind of suggest activity, but the BEING is motionless. It is suspended animation..still. In this state of suspended animation, where mind is not moving or barely moving, a key to the door of knowledge is given. This knowing and form of technology reveals the I AM God consciousness.

Eye Am, Is, Was and Will be. Eye Am conceals and contains unlimited knowledge of every event, experience and action in the uni-verse. That powerful uni or one long verse can be clearly be read and understood at the point of stillness.

On a much deeper level, the prophetic  is only a memory, a shared memory that we all have of an event that will take place. Prophets remember these things sooner and announced what has already happened.

“The thing that has been- it is what will be again, and that which has been done is that which will be done again; and there is nothing new under the sun.” Ecclesiastes 1:9

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  1. Ha! Déjà Tru. I love how The Red Queen says it: “Alice, learn to remember backwards.”

    And when Alice tries to get home based on the former paradigm she stares brokenhearted into the lookingglass and cries “Mother…Father, I’m here on the other side of the mirror!”


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