Prosperity Consciousness

Prosperity Consciousness


Prosperity ConsciousnessOnce humanity realizes there is no lack and the scarcity mentality has been exchanged for the reality of abundance and prosperity consciousness; the mental, physical and emotional struggles will cease. In reality, there is more than enough on the planet to sustain every man, woman, child and animal comfortably forever. However, what we see around us and sometimes our personal lives often depicts the extreme opposite. This out of balance scenario of poverty is only an outward expression of the consciousness operating in humanity. This deadly drama has been created by ignorance, fears, and the greed of governments.

By merely looking around, we see that all of creation has been lavished with beauty and opulence. Does the tree struggle or worry about nourishment, shelter and clothing? I think not. The consciousness within the tree has been programmed to produce whatever it needs from within itself and to absorb it from its environment. Outside elements activates the programming within the tree to adjust to pressures or pleasures. As long as the mighty tree is rooted in its environment, universal law will make sure the tree flourishes with beauty, abundant fruit and long life.

Prosperity, (the Hebrew word is ‘tsaleach’) means to succeed, prosper; the idea of a victorious successful venture or journey. It comes from the word ‘sakal’ which means to understand, be prudent, act wisely, ponder, pay attention to; prosper.

Consciousness means the quality or state of being aware especially of something within oneself; the state of sensation, emotion, volition and thought. (Unlimited creative potential with intent).

Prosperity Consciousness is the unlimited potential (power) to create with intent (thought, sensation, emotion, momentum) success and prosperity with full understanding and awareness within oneself that you deserve it.

Success is not a destination, it is a journey. This is the inward journey of developing the prosperity consciousness. It is done by pulling down strongholds or old religious ideas and ignorant belief systems. This deprogramming and reprogramming gives the ability to function in our proper environment as the tree must function in its proper environment. If you don’t go within you will go without.

“You shall be like the tree planted by the rivers of water and whatever you do will prosper.” Psalms 1 You have been programmed at the cellular level to be successful and prosper in life, your body demonstrates this moment by moment. However, when we are not in our environment, manifesting fear, or improper thinking, the consciousness (creative potential) of prosperity is diminished and the struggle begins.

The magnetic forces of your physical and mental make-up will only allow you to attract to yourself what you have become. Your life is the sum total of what you have been thinking and believing. “As a man thinks in his heart so is he.” Many find it hard changing what they have been thinking and have become. The familiarity with the present state of consciousness or the “I’ll make it syndrome” is the poison that cripples its victims financially. Is it the plan of the Creator for humans to just ‘make it’ while the rest of creation experiences abundance? The original command was “be fruitful and multiply”, or build, prosper and increase.

The unenlightened mind would say there is no need to be concerned with financial health and prosperity; ignorantly denying that money is a major part of the 3-dimensional experience. Some feel they need to make such statements to appear spiritual, while in reality it reveals ignorance (lack of understanding, not having all the information). Others feel uncomfortable and agitated when money is mentioned due to fears and a poverty mentality. “Beloved, I wish that you prosper..” 3 John 2 The universal law of exchange, sowing and reaping has not changed.

Many of the kingdom parables of Jesus deals with the proper attitude about money: the use and power of it. He simply says that no one can be trusted with true spiritual riches if they don’t have the proper attitude and understanding about money. In other words, becoming a manifested son of God means someone that knows how to function with balance on both the material and spiritual planes. Remember prosperity is partially defined as “understanding”. And some would yet say, there is no need to even deal with this subject, just “Seek the Kingdom of God and all things will be added to you”.

Actually that is not what Jesus said, He said, “Seek ye FIRST the kingdom of God” – That one word ‘first’ changes everything. So if one makes the Kingdom of God the top priority (first), it should be okay to seek (look for, expect, go after) others things, as lesser priorities. Jesus was teaching that once kingdom consciousness (awareness of the unlimited potential of the King’s dominion) is incorporated and working in and through us, this creative force with intent would attract (add) to us; whatever else we need, want or desire. Therefore, you are given permission to desire and achieve prosperity and wealth without experiencing religious guilt and condemnation. Nothing in life will come to you unless you call it consciously or unconsciously. Once it is summoned with intent using your created unlimited powers with emotions involved, it must come (be added unto you). Most people never come to their full potential and are destroyed when there is a shortage of information (knowledge). Regarding money Jesus said, “The children of this world in their generation are wiser than the sons of light.” Luke 16:8 Solomon said “Money answers all things”.

Everything on the planet is a physical manifestation of Conscious Energy. This Energy is timeless, deathless and indestructible; this Energy is what we refer to as God. The paper that money is made from was once a tree, which was created by God, thus an extension of Himself. The gold, silver, nickel, diamonds and other precious stones also are various expressions of this Creative Energy. The artist can only create that which is a part of Himself, thus it is called a “masterpiece”, or piece (part) of the master.

As we have moved into this new millennium, a new consciousness is arising and more people are tapping into it. Holy Scripture, the spirit of prophecy and the heavens all agree that this is the time. Prosperity Consciousness is overthrowing the poverty mentality and entrapment that so many have become accustomed to. Faith is coming and increasing by the hearing and hearing and reading of this rhema word.

In the natural if a person does not dream they will literally die in a very short time; that is one of the main purposes for sleep, even though you may not remember your dreams. So it is in the spirit, “Where there is no vision/dream the people will perish”. If you have no real goals and dreams for your life you are literally “dead man/woman walking”. I have gazed into so many blank, vague faces of people that once knew how to dream, that were excited about life and filled with enthusiasm. Now there is that empty stare, of course they quote the Bible, sing songs and pray; but they have forgotten how to live and are preoccupied with criticism and complaining.

Begin to dream again, not just religious dreams about one day pleasing God. He has always been pleased. Some of you need to do something radical to release yourself from limited thinking. Take yourself out shopping at a nice store or take someone else out. Take a day off to pamper yourself, you deserve it. Get rid of that furniture you have been disgusted with for sometime but keep saying, later; get some new things. Stop fixing that broke down vehicle over and over, get another one. That garage, fence and work shed are long over due. Remember, nothing changes until you change.

That job that you don’t like where you have been at for sometime, the problems, confusion, plus they wont pay you what you deserve; you can have something much better and less stress. How long will you allow others that don’t have your best interest in mind determine how much you are worth, when you can eat, go home or where you live or can spend your vacation based on how much you get paid? [Many years ago while speaking at a financial seminar; I told the audience a J-O-B means Just Over Broke. As the audience roared in laughter another man yelled out, or Just Over Bankruptcy]. You have the ability to determine how much you want to make or how much you want to work.

Many want success, financial freedom and abundance, but they have not prepared their minds to receive it. Therefore, when prosperity or abundance does come, it last only for a while. If one has not been set free from poverty consciousness, they will sabotage themselves repeatedly and create scenarios to keep themselves in the illusion of lack.

Get the Prosperity Consciousness that will bring healing to your financial well being, become prosperity. You were created for the life of Abundance and Wealth. You have permission to experience phenomenal wealth and success. Give yourself permission to be released from limited thinking to receive abundant wealth. You have been given complete control over your destiny. Spend lots of time exercising your mental abilities by visualization/imagination, seeing only what you really want for you and your family. It is God that gives the power to get wealth to establish his kingdom in the earth. However, “You will make your way prosperous and have good success”. Joshua 1:8

Your desire to experience the Prosperity Consciousness and Abundance will attract to you the means by which it can be accomplished. Remember the definitions for Prosperity, (the Hebrew word is ‘tsaleach’) means to succeed, prosper; the idea of a victorious successful venture or journey. It comes from the word ‘sakal’ which means to understand, be prudent, act wisely, Ponder, PAY ATTENTION; prosper.

May you prosper royally throughout this year as we enter into a power cycle of opportunities and abundance. May you hear clearly and move swiftly in FAITH to seize the opportunities that present themselves. In the name of Jehovah (Yahweh) Jireh. Amen. Success is a state of mind, not a status.

[My desire is for all to experience ridiculous blessings and the prosperity consciousness].

Originally written 2002

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