Real MANNA Yet Falls From Heaven

Real MANNA Yet Falls From Heaven

Is there a God?  Is God the same?  Were the miracles recorded in the Bible just allegories or were they literal accounts that took place?  Was the Manna that fell for 40 years for the Hebrews that came out of Africa real food that people could survive on, or was it only symbolic of a psychotropic drug from a mushroom?

The Scriptures declares Jesus the same yesterday, today and forevermore.  Does God yet do miracles for those who believe today?  Can He provide literal food, money, clothes and material things?  Is the spirit world or parallel worlds real and do we have the power to extract from them or add to them?

 It was probably about 11-12 years ago I was invited to a gathering in Seattle, WA where I lived.  I was not ministering, there was an older couple sharing their story in the packed church.  They had been from a non Pentecostal – non Charismatic background, but found themselves experiencing supernatural things they were never taught to believe in.  The both of them stood and talked on and on for a bit, interrupting each others and sometimes almost rambling.  There was no 3 or 4 point sermon, neither had they been to seminary to my knowledge.

There names escape me now, but as they stood with their hug Bible open on the podium, something miraculous happened.   It was  after an extended time of worship and   about 20 minutes into their sharing…something white and beige began to manifest and pile up in their opened Bible.  It was Manna!  Hundreds of people lined up to taste it, including me and it seemed to multiply until all of us had eaten.  To me, this manna tasted sort of sweet, with a little salty aftertaste.   

There is more that took place, some of us were blessed during the next extended period of intense worship  to experience Gold & Sapphire dust and flakes.  At this point, I had experienced the Gold dust and flakes sometimes appearing in my meetings but never Sapphire. 

 I was leaving the following morning to preach at a Feast of Pentecost gathering out of state.  I probably should not reveal this…but I did not wash my face or hair the whole weekend…as I want to show others what the Lord had done.   I proudly wore His glory sparkles in my hair and on my face for two days.  Isn’t freedom TO BE wonderful?   


Several decades ago there was a famine in Angola Africa, there was no food.  So the Believers decided to Fast & Pray for 3 days.  (Fasting with intent is different from starving or not eating because there is no food).   A young girls saw 2 men standing by a bush covered with a white substance, they told her to eat it and she did.  The people began to question, “What Is It?” Just as the ancient Hebrews did.  Manna means, what is it.   Be blessed by this powerful witness of what the God of miracles is yet doing today.  Manna is yet falling in Angola today, but not on the Sabbath.

Expect Miracles everyday.  The Creator, Spirit, God or whatever you name the Supreme Most High, loves you.  It should be only natural for us to live in what we call the supernatural, totally depending on the God power within.


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  1. The couple you refer to are Harold and Kaye Beyer. Harold passed away a number of years ago, but Kaye, now Beyer-DeGraw, is still going strong, as is the miracle of the manna. Thanks so much for sharing! Also, if you are interested in hearing about other, similar miracles, check out my book titled Gemstones from Heaven on Amazon.

  2. It is really amazing,we cant underestimate Our Almighty God,if He was able to give manna to His people israelites then through prayer and faith He can do miracles nowadays because He remains to be the same God forever

  3. Oh my God, I can feel your presence. You are real. Thanks for sharing this sir.

  4. The Lord’s Name be praised. I live Nigeria West Africa. I did not know of this great miracle until this afternoon. God is merciful and kind. He provides always for the needs of His people. Glory be to His holy Name. Amen.


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