September 23 – Jesus is Coming…

September 23 –  Jesus is Coming…

People have been asking me when I would write or speak about the September 23, 2017 event, since it is a huge prophetic celestial event. After checking with the Spirit, I realized there was no rush; plus, I could not fit it into my schedule until now.

Before talking about the coming of Jesus September 23 event, I want to share a little testimony. In 1999, there was an unusual sign in the heavens, which in my opinion was the first phase of an Astrological fulfillment of Revelation Chapter 12 of the Sun clothed Woman. It was nearly the exact configuration of stars. It was September 11, 1999 – Rosh Hashanah -New Year- Feast of Trumpets. I was invited to a special event as speaker that was held outside, under the stars. People had become aware of me through my accurate Astro-Prophetic work and many postings I had on the internet, that did come to pass, as Spirit foretold. There was a group of Jews, Mormons, Christians, New Agers, people from various Native American Indian tribes, and people that practice Nature Religions represented. I was brought in by limousine and a bed of rose petals paved my way to the place where I was to address the eager crowd. (That was probably my first time in a limousine and surely my first time to do the ‘rose petal walk.’)

There I was under the stars with my guitar slung behind me and my bible opened to Revelation Chapter 12, as the heavens were coming into alignment. There was no PA system, so I had to yell to make sure everyone heard me, as I began to unravel the mysteries of God and the Divine Astrological meanings of Revelation 12. My message was called, “Birthing of the Manchild.” This was my first time to speak to a group so diverse from various religions. Unfortunately, I am not polished, I am not good at acting, and I only know how to be “me.” After we performed a few spiritual rituals, I began to prophesy the word of Yahweh from a Messianic Kingdom perspective. There were a few “Amen’s,” mostly from the people that came with me, but one could feel the Spirit -Energy moving through the word. The short message was becoming more intense. Since I had my guitar and they expected me to sing, I did. (White folks think all Black people can sing…in their eyes, it was a success, but I rarely sing around Black folk, cause they really can sing…haahha).

Since Spirit was moving, I sang, “When the Spirit of the Lord Moves on My Heart, I Will Dance Like David Danced.” As I tried to make a joyful noise and not an ‘awful noise’ the Holy Ghost came in. Another highly spiritual woman, an Indian crowned Princess was inspired to tell everyone to get into a huge circle and do a “Round Dance” holding hands. Actually, she’s the one that made it possible for me to address the group. There I was in the middle twirling, singing and playing my acoustic guitar, dancing like David danced, having a Holy Ghost Pentecostal fit. I learned in those days that the Holy Spirit does not see religious labels, ie New Age, Christian, Muslim, Jew, etc., He will show up where ever he is allowed. Just BE. As Spirit fell, some later testified of feeling the ground literally moving and that they could barely stand. Other, were laughing uncontrollably, a few people found themselves crawling around benches. As the heavens were prophesying of something being birth, on Earth we were witnessing it. It was not in a Church, it was cross cultural and interfaith.


Some of you who are afraid of the word “astrology” and don’t quite understand the definition of it might prefer to use the word “astronomy” to describe the event. However, in using that word (astronomy) to describe or interpret and attach a meaning for the Revelation 12 event, you contradict yourself. Once you interpret the meaning of the movements of the heavens, it falls into the definition of Astrology. Astronomy is the science that studies and discovers things in space, the movements of the celestial orbs and predict or determine where they will be, based on their repeated cycles. Astrology is the study of the same discoveries, movements, celestial orbs, but also interpret what they ‘mean’ and how that energy in space will influence people and things on Earth.

Suddenly, we have a bunch of Evangelicals who preach against Astrology, call it the “occult,” ignorantly and arrogantly call it “witchcraft,” “satanism,” and “demonic;” now practicing Astrology, by trying to interpret the meanings of September 23, 2017 event. Go Figure! And, those who are too afraid to try to interpret are secretly reading about it or watching videos about…astrology.

As I have stated since around 1999’s, “God is the Astrologer (‘haw’bar’- divider of the heavens and interpreter of them) based on Deuteronomy 4:19)” and “the Bible is the World’s Best Selling Book on the Occult,” base on the true meaning of the word occult.

For some months we have been telling people that September 23, 2017 is the 2nd phase of September 11, 1999. Both are happening on Rosh Hashanah, Feast of Trumpets, the Biblical New Year. Most are not aware that The Feast of Trumpets is celebrated (2) days…It is the only biblical Feast (holiday) that the ancients did not know when it was to happen. Why? Due to the weather being overcast during this season in ancient Israel, they could not always determine when the New Moon was. Due to this day being of great prophetic importance, they had to be able to clearly identify the New Moon, therefore, many times it would take the Moon Watchers 2 days to get the message back to the nation that the New Moon (Lavanah) had been sited. It was announced by blowing the shofar, ram’s horn.

When Yahshua (Jesus) spoke 2000 years ago that ‘no man knows the day or the hour of his coming,’ he was alluding to the Feast of Trumpets – Rosh Hashanah. It is the only prophetic feast celebrated multiple days because, no one knew the day or the hour. Modern day evangelicals, Christians are finally beginning to understand what Jesus meant, but they yet don’t understand how to read the heavens properly along with “rightly dividing the words of Truth,” aka deciphering the Bible. This is partly because religion has relegated the heavens, stars, constellations, zodiac, as the devil’s territory, but where they say God lives and they want to go to be with Him. Go Figure!! How utterly stupid. Just to repeat, in case you did not get it. Christians want to go to heaven (somewhere in space where the stars are), they say that’s where God lives and has mansions for them. However, we are forbidden to study about it, because that’s satanic, occultic, witchcraft and you might get possessed with a demon. Excuse me. But yet you are ‘dying’ to go there???!!!

I have only had time to view a few of the top videos about September 23rd, due to my hectic schedule/lifestyle. There are problems with what the so called experts and Christians are saying:

1) I Agree – It is a Prophetic Event, but not like they think. I don’t have time to share now and if I did on this website, most of you would be offending at my reading. There is a “birthing” of the 2nd phase of what took place 18 (6+6+6) years ago. A better way to state it is, as in a natural birth the head comes first, but the child is not fully born until the feet are out.

2) The Zodiac sign of LEO has about 95 stars, NOT 9 as they are saying. However, (9) brighter stars (1st magnitude stars) of this constellation are mostly seen from time to time, often 2nd magnitude stars can be seen.

3) The event minus the 3 planets coming to conjunct in Leo is frequently seen to some degree between 2-12 years apart.

4) I Agree – Jesus is Coming…but not the way they expect – A greater measure of the Christ Consciousness is being ushered (birth) into the Earth and we really need it. The world and many ‘Christians’ have decided to become very hate-filled, especially, in this country. People need the real God of the Bible.

5) Some days after tomorrow – September 23, when hopefully all the wicked religious people have been raptured (evacuated)- I will share some of the deeper astrological meanings of the September 23 Event.

6) Here are some paragraphs from 1999 Teaching – September 11.

“And there appeared a great sign in heaven (star constellations)-a woman (VIRGO-Bethulah) clothed with the sun, and the moon (New Moon-Lavanah) under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars (Bernice Hairs, star constellation). And she, being with child, cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered. And there appeared another sign in heaven a great red dragon (Draco constellation)..standing before the woman (Virgo-Bethulah) to devour the child as soon as it was born. And she brought forth the Man Child (New Moon-Lavanah) who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron…” Rev.12:1-5

“On Tishri 1 Yom Teruah (Feast of Trumpets), September 11, 1999 – Revelation 12:1-5 will be clearly displayed in the heavens. A In the constellation of VIRGO (Bethulah) the stars will position themselves as a woman with legs up, lying back (depending on how you view it) in the birthing position. The sun will be just below the horizon, making it appear as if she’s clothed with it. The New Moon (Lavanah), which in Judaism symbolizes the Messiah, will be birth. It will appear to pass from her body. In 24 hours it will be positioned beneath her feet, a constellation of stars called Berenice Hairs will shine bright above her head as a crown. The constellation of Draco (the Dragon) will poise itself above her legs, as if to devour the Man Child (New Moon).

In Judaism, there is the Feast of Rosh Chodesh every month, celebrating the New Moon; with expectancy of the celebration of the coming Messiah.

This is the greatest time in the history of mankind. This is not the literal coming of Messiah, however, this is the birthing of a Messiah Company – Man Child Ministry in the earth which will speak from the throne. Saviors coming upon mount Zion. Obadiah 21

The Man Child this time is not one man, like Moses or Jesus; rather it is a Body called Christ (Messiahs). I Cor. 12:12”



Further, He said this especially to American Christians:

“I was thinking about coming back September 23rd; but when I saw how much many of my followers hate brown and black-skinned people, non-English speaking, and Middle Eastern immigrants. I thought they might crucify Me again, So I Changed My Mind.




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  1. I have seen (spiritual eyes opened) in the spirit all the races coming down a stairway from heaven, the colors in this viewing beautiful. I was taken too the right of stairs with a black man upward… end of vision. Europeans, Scandinavians and Russians will have a change of heart. Jesus Christ will be creating a new type of angelic with a task for change. Kingdom Government has no place for Christian church immature messes, I love my brothers and sisters. This might be way out there………….so be it. Watch and see that the Lord is changing his creation. Clyde

  2. I so appreciate you, John, and how fluidly you spoke of 9/23…..and I am/was in agreement as far as Jesus’ return…..the phases of birthing…
    Beginning in 1999…continuing in 2017…and moving forward…that’s awesome! I read that there are 3 stages of labor and 3 stages of birthing. Hmmm! Well…be blessed in San Diego especially!

    • Shalom Nancy, Thanks. Ahhh, the 3 stages, thanks for sharing-sounds like preaching material to me. : ) san Diego gonna be fire, fire, fire. haha

  3. 3 stages of labor:
    1st phase is the longest -it is opening of the cervix until it reaches 10cm fully dilated
    2nd stage: Full dilation until delivery of the child
    3rd stage -is the shortest-Delivery of the placenta.

    Great message man of God on Sept 23. BTW those who sold their stuff for the rapture have to go back to secure some loans …Today is Yom Kippur …Get some shakinnar Glory bath as we enter into the holy of holiest again and again.
    Love you man of God -the prophet

    • Is there a doctor in da house? Yes and a man of God also. Thanks Dr. Fraser for so eloquently explaining the stages of labor and birth. Yes let’s enter in. Love you also.


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