Sky Full of Stars – Kelli’ Blog

Sky Full of Stars – Kelli’ Blog

We have a treat for you all from Kelli’s Blog – (Awake & Ascending) Sky Full of Stars.  You will want to Bookmark this blog and visit it frequently or as often as possible for inspiration.   Kelli is one of my “spiritual daughters”  that has a deep hunger for All of Him to be manifested in her, as her and through her.  She’s an inspiration, woman of great faith, intelligence, love and compassions.  It has been wonderful observing her spiritual growth over the past few years and hearing of her extraordinary spiritual encounters.

Check out Kelli’s Blog and leave Comments or Prayer Request here ~~  SKY FULL OF STARS

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  1. Prophet John thank you so much for the kind words. I am honored to be mentioned on your website and grateful for the influence you have had on my spiritual journey.

    Blessings to your ministry and family,


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