So Who SENT Trump…?

So Who SENT Trump…?

Truth can sometimes be frightening, some choose to not see truth even if it flashes in neon.

“Who sent “The Don”?

When a mafiosi suddenly shows up and makes a splash – rubs somebody out, moves in on one of the rackets – the cognoscenti ask: Who sent him? That is the question we should have been asking about career mafia front-man Donald Trump many, many months ago.

Actually, here at Veterans Today, we WERE asking. The rest of you should be asking: Why was Trump’s mafia background completely blacked out of both the mainstream and pseudo-alternative media? Why was Veterans Today practically alone in harping on it, day after day, fighting an uphill battle against the Trump kool aid drinkers?

Come on, people! This whole Trump thing didn’t “just happen.”

“In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

What will the Alt Right and others think when they realize Trump is owned by Netanyahu and the Mossad?

What if he is everything the Christians thoughts they were escaping from?

So far, it seems like we have been forced and tricked into an alternate reality, where will it lead if we stay in it?

Was 11/9 our new 9/11?

The Simpsons show not only told you who would be elected President, but they nearly “predicted” the Electoral Map…16 years ago. As Trump announced, “The election is Rigged!!”

When the creators of the Simpson Trump episode was interviewed on CNN about the year 2000- they said, “IT WAS A WARNING TO AMERICA.” Think!! You have people that work in the Satanic Illuminati Hollywood Industry creating these shows to let you know what’s coming from the NWO, and they boldly state, “It was a warning to America.” I don’t think the people that should have discerned it got it yet and most don’t want to.

(Thanks Apostle Winston for this info news link.)

It was brought to my attention the cartoon is not totally accurate – the Escalator Scene is from year 2015, not 2000, and the Electoral Map is near accurate…the News Interview in the link below was recorded a day or so after the election and the numbers may not have all been in. Listen to the interview.

Educate yourself, you wont here this on CNN, FOX or MSNBC – Click below.


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