Super Moon In Aquarius – Astro-Prophecy

Super Moon In Aquarius – Astro-Prophecy


We watch for the signs in the Sun, Moon and stars (constellations) as Jesus and the prophets told us to.  August 10, 2014 just after 2:10 pm EDT, just 26 minutes after the Moon reaches its full phase, the Full Moon will reach perigee (closest to earth) and become an Extra Super Moon. That means this is the largest of three Super Moons during the summer of 2014. It will appear 16% larger and 30% brighter. This lunar event will be the second of three supermoons to occur this summer, the Super Moon will be only 221,765 miles from earth.

The Sun is in Leo, Crater the Cup will be rising and the Super Moon will be in Aquarius. The Moon will be so bright that the fire in the sky from Persid meteor shower will not be seen until around August 12-13. The  heavens will then put on a wonderful show as Venus and Jupiter conjunct in Cancer getting closer until August 18, when they come within 1 degree of the Beehive star cluster.

[We will use this article to only read the heavens as they relate to our lives individually. We will only say pray for world situations between August 10-16, as the potentail for upheaval, warfare increases and  the potential for many people being displaced due to natural disasters.]

With this Super Moon we are being told that Light is coming into the dark areas of our lives on every level. The time has come to deal with the things that’s been covered, swept to the side and even temporarily forgotten. The heavens are giving illumination and enlightenment. Great light will spring up in dark circumstances and you will know exactly what to do and how to move forward. Step out of the darkness of fear and into the light of forgiveness, acceptance, and love.

This Aquarian Moon is telling you to embrace your uniquiness, creativity, sensitivity and stand strong in your convictions, if they are based in truth. This Leo-Aquarian Moon – (both Leo and Aquarius are fixed signs) again you are being encourage to stand strong in the light that has been shown to you. However, remember the power is in bowing out or bending gracefully sometimes.

There’s a lot of energy out there stirring up the deep. Embrace your passions and deal with matters of the heart (relationships). Emotions, memories and even deep hurts will surface over the next few days that could create somewhat of an emotional roller-coaster and excessive tension. These emotions are only being brought to the light so they can be reconciled. Beware that you don’t get pulled into other folks drama and do not export your drama to others. If there is someone’s personality that you have not overcome yet and he/she knows how to work your last nerve-avoid direct contact if possible over the next few days. Light has come, walk in the light of this new day. Your peace of mind is very important at this time.

The heavens will be whispering new thoughts, ideas, visions, dreams and goals.  Flickers of light and orbs will be manifesting.  Eye see the angels of dream moving throughout the earth touching the heads of those who sleep.  Keep a tablet near your bed over the next 5 days to write down what you see in the night and early morning hours; even if it doesn’t make sense.   Don’t relegate synchronicities to coincidence.  Clues here and there will eventually fit together as a puzzle.   Enjoy long reflective moments.

Crater, the celestial Cup of the gods is rising in the heavens, drink in the waters of life and allow it to be turned into holy wine of communion within your being. This is the celestial Cup used for the sacred rituals on the heavenly Altar. The Cup of Salvation. Crater the Cup also has a shadow meaning, it is the cup of wrath, as mentioned in the astrological aspect of the prophecy in Revelation 14:10 The Cup appears as wisdom and enlightenment to some and as wrath and condemnation to others. Choose your drink.

(Notice one of Leo’s constellations called Crater, the golden chalice or cup.  It is tilted, as if about to poured out on Hydra the sea serpent).

Crater the Cup

Perseus, the heavenly warrior will be putting on quite a celestial show, he has cut the head off the serpent filled head of Medusa  with his magical sword. Due to the brightness of the extra Super Moon, we wont see the beginning of Perseus celebration. This meteor shower is happening a week after lightning beheaded the over 200 million years old Cobra Tower rock formation in Utah. Perseus is celebrating victory over the serpent brain (MED USA).


Perseus means the breaker. He represents what we call the breaker anointing. During this meteor shower over the next several days, use your sword (word) to cut off the head of that which hardens your heart- August 10-13. Allow yourself to feel love, compassion and deep emotions. Rejoice in the light and victory and expect great things. Eye hear the Spirit saying, Breakthroughs, Breakthroughs, Breakthroughs.

Jupiter and Venus are coming closer together and can be seen at 1 degrees of the Beehive star cluster on the 18th. Wonderful things happen whenever Venus and Jupiter come together. The potential for the release of settlements, big money, wealth, promotion, raised salary and blessings are magnified during this period. The Beehive star cluster is filled with opportunities and sweet things. “Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good and He is sweeter than honey in the rock.”

Love and romance is also in the air. Someone may be watching you or might finally notice your interest. Between August 12-18 – Sow a financial  or material seed into someone’s life or into a ministry. Know when to sow-give, based on the movements of the heavens and the heaven will magnify your harvest. Light has come.

[The next time the Moon will be this close is the extra Super Full Moon of September 28, 2015. That will be Sukkot,  Feast of Tabernacles 2015. That will be a very unusual prophetic event and time, also the Super Moon so close to earth will appear red as blood. It will be a Blood Red Super Moon in Aries (god of war, chaos & destruction), the Sun will be in Libra the Scales bringing justice and balance; while at the same time Crux the Cross constellation will be rising and bringing an end to many things in the 3 dimensional world.  Eye will share more detail prophetic insight as the day approaches.]



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  1. Awesome john!!!!!on point experiencing it now …picked up on it last night fajah abraham :))))))7

    • As usual the word you share is true , we thank you brother for your faithfulness !!! Also thanks for Tribeascope . I have told friends about it , now it’s available again . !


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