The Cobra Was Beheaded

The Cobra Was Beheaded


Serpent or snake has dual symbolism.  Serpent is a symbolism for wisdom, sexuality,  enlightenment and also immortality.  Serpent is also symbolic of rebellion, deceit and death. 

Linda Pankretz sent us this new report below.  It was very clear that it had “prophetic” written all over it.  As we often share here, everything that happens in the world has a prophetic message interwoven and most times more than one message.  Some events speaks more louder and are more relevant than others.  We want to take a look at this news article and pick out a few of the prophetic messages that’s relevant to us now and how they might have historic or biblical counter-parts.  Everything is connected in the universe, space and time are only our ways of defining when and where events may have taken place.

“The Cobra, a millions-year-old, iconic rock formation popular with rock climbers, met an unfortunate demise last week during a period of severe weather.

The top-heavy head of the 50-foot rock tower near Moab, Utah, became detached and crumbled to the ground between Tuesday and Friday, according to The Salt Lake Tribune and Deseret News. Officials aren’t exactly sure what caused the decapitation, but it is believed lightning, high winds, and rain are contributing factors…This makes me think the beheading was a result of a lightning strike, either direct or collateral damage.”

Here’s a photo of what the Cobra Tower used to look like:

cobra rock2



Here’s a photo of what it looks like now with the head cut off.

decapitated cobra

Let’s look at some of the prophetic clues that we can divine messages from.  This event happened near Moab in  Utah.    Utah is a Ute Indian word meaning,  mountain, people of the mountain.  In Navajo Indian language Utah means, upper,  high places.

Moab comes from (2) words in the Bible, “ma” or “mi”, which means Who is or What is. Ab means father or daddy.  When we put this word Moab together it literally means, Who is Your Daddy? or What is Your Daddy?

To get a better understanding of Moab, we would have to visit the historical reference of the Bible.  The angels came to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah for it wickedness, we are told.    Lot, the nephew of Abraham lived there and escaped to the mountains, high places with his 2 daughters.  His daughters literally got him drunk  and raped him.  “Come, let us make our father drink wine, and we will lie with him, that we may preserve seed of our father. One of the daughters son from this incestuous relationship was named Moab.   Genesis 19:30-38   The word/name Moab is a rhetorical question and reminder of the perversion that took place during a “daughters gone wild” night.

One of the main prophetic messages given to us here with the beheading of the Cobra is, God is bringing down corruption in high places.  We will see this played out in the governments, political and economical world.  Those corrupt ones that have been in authority for a some time will be instantly removed.   Almighty God will cut the head off the serpent.

The oldest part of the brain is called the R-complex or Reptile Complex, Eye call it the Serpent Brain.  It is where all base emotions and fears are derived from. To understand more about this get my book, Serpent Brain – Transforming the Carnal Mind

What most are not aware of is, many of the world leaders achieve and retain their power and influence by trading sexual perverted rituals for power.  Many of the elite practice incest and other sexual perversions as a sacrifice to the unseen forces that empowers them.

Most of the  human leaders that run the world today are controlled by unseen dark forces, spiritual wickedness in high places, rulers of darkness of this world and principalities.  Ephesians 6.  The decapitating of this ancient monument is prophesying the pulling down of strongholds in high places, those ancient spiritual rulers.

John the Baptist was beheaded for confronting the evil lust and incestuous heart of King Herod.  He came in the spirit and power of Elijah and exposed the evil.  Herod had taken his brothers’ wife and was also interested in the daughter/stepdaughter/niece. On Herod’s birthday the daughter of Herodias danced an erotic dance for the guests and pleased Herod well.”  Matthew 14:6  Pleasing him well means he was sexual aroused by her erotic dance and desired her.

John the Baptist was the last prophet of the Old Testament/Old Order; which he was the head of.  The Body of Believers (called the Body of Moses) under the Old Order had become carnal minded and controlled by the Serpent Brain.   This had to be cut off.  John the Baptist   was also the first prophet to announce the New Testament/New Order that Jesus (Yahushua) would become the head of.

In Jesus (Yahushua) day, he called the religious leaders a den of vipers (snakes) and told them that their father was the devil.  He was a murderer from the beginning and therefore they had the same works of their father.  He further confronted and rebuked them for holding the keys of wisdom and sacred knowledge so high that others could not reach them.  They stood in the way and would not allow others into  kingdom consciousness, but rather kept them in a legalistic mentality.

Jesus (Yahushua) could not become the head of that Body, bringing in Christ Consciousness until the Serpent  head (brain) had been decapitated metaphorically,  but manifesting literally in John the Baptist beheading.  This is why he said, “Foxes have holes, bird of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay His head.”   Luke 9:58

Again, we have this prophetic illustration at Cobra Tower as the Christ Consciousness begin to accelerate and fill the earth.  How did this beheading of the Cobra take place?  It was LIGHTning!    “Arise and shine, for your Light has come and the glory of the Lord is risen upon you.”  Isaiah 60:1

Enlightenment is coming, it is here to swallow up all the darkness.   “He shall destroy the wicked one,  the mystery of iniquity by the Brightness of his coming (parousia-presence). ”  2 Thessalonian 2:8

“As the Lightning flashes from one end of the heavens to the next so shall the coming of the Son of Man be.” Matthew 24:7


Utah is the 45th State of the Union.  45 reduces to 4+5=9 in numerology.  9 is the number of Closure, Judgment, Deliverance and Enlightenment.    There can be no Enlightenment without closure, judgment and deliverance.  Judgment is seen as a bad word now a days.  Judgment only means to be corrected, of course people don’t like correction.  Correction brings us to the point where we can make better choices and requires us to be responsible.  The Creators judgments or corrections are always in love; even when we don’t like it, or it does feel good.  Don’t deceive yourself, Father is not raising spiritual bastards – Moab (who is your daddy?)

The 9th letter of the Hebrew alphabet is Teth.  The glyph of Teth is an image of a serpent eating its tail.  This is the Ouroboros, the unending circle of life and symbol of Enlightenment.  So we see a prophetic clue in the 45th state where the serpent-Cobra was beheaded by LIGHTning.

Could there be an astrological clue also?  Yes!  As above, so it is below.  The Sun is now in LEO the lion, the conquering lion of the kingdom.  Last week the first sub-constellation of Leo was rising.  Who is the that?  It was none other than HYDRA, the sea serpent.  Hydra is the longest constellation in the heavens.  As Cobra was being decapitated by LIGHTning on earth in Utah, near Moab, the conquering Lion of the heavens was pouncing on Hydra.  See on the star map below.


Hydra covers 1/3 of the heavens.  Job speaking astrologically called it the “crooked serpent”.  Job 26:13   Apostle John in Revelation 12 speaking astro-prophetically saw 1/3 of the stars of heaven fall.  He was speaking about Hydra that covers 1/3 of the heavens.  He was speaking about the dethroning of the negative powers and influences.

Prophecy is often multi-layered with many messages, deep calls unto deep and answers.

EYE want to tell you that your personal cobra has been beheaded.  Whatever old stronghold you have been struggling with, EYE send the LIGHTning of God ‘s Word and Spirit to decapitate it- be it physically, flesh addictions or desires, economically or spiritually.  EYE cut the head off now.

EYE give you a prophetic sign to the event and message today.  EYE uncover and release a sexual scandal in high places; the investigation to this scandal will lead to perversion and possibly an incestuous type of relationship.  This should be making headlines within 60 days as the sordid details leak out.

The Cobra has been Beheaded!

Read the complete news article here:

(We thank the ancient rocks for participating in this prophetic sign.  The rocks do cry out and prophesy.)

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