The Coming Giants Sign Validation

The Coming Giants Sign Validation

 Take a deep breath. Things are really getting weird. We have been speaking about how everything is accelerating, but this is a bit scary in a good way.

For a few weeks Spirit has been prompting me to release a message into the atmosphere again about the literal giants from an extraterrestrial race would soon be seen among us on the planet. I was kind of waiting until I had another current similar story to dovetail it with. That happened yesterday. After all, who wants to hear about giants coming, whose going to believe something like that?

Yesterday I posted a blog called ALIENS RUN THE USA At the end of the message I felt to prophesy out on a limb a weird prophecy and to give a prophetic sign to back it up. The prophets in the Bible gave signs, so why can’t we?

Here is an excerpt of what was stated: “Take a deep breath. Do you think we have the power to summon giants? When you see the news report, this question will come to your mind. Quite some months back, I shared an experience I had. I was in a dream/vision journey and I am not for sure what city I was taken to, nor if was in this country. Eye saw Giants, well over 3 stories tall walking in cities on the planet… This prophecy out on a limb is that, In the near future it will be reported in the news of Giant humanoid sightings, there should most likely be film or photograph to support this amazing event.

*****I must confess that I don’t watch sports or know much about it. One of the signs we give you about the event that will happen is, there will soon be major headline news about the “GIANTS” sports team or it’s leading players.”

Yesterday morning while writing this blog, I stopped to call a local brother name Derek Johnson, he’s a sports fan and I knew he would be able to help me. I told him I was about to release a prophetic sign on the internet for all to see that I had already spoken out. I told him, Eye was seeing the words “GIANTS” I felt it was NY Giants and that they would be making headline news. I asked if there had been anything majorly in the news about them in the past few days. He said, no. Why? What’s going to happen? I gave him very little details because I didn’t even know exactly. All I knew was I felt the unction a few weeks ago and today to declare and decree a sign in the earth to what was about to happen on the earth.

Derek then told me there was also the San Francisco Giants team, that got me really confused. I told him I yet felt NY, but something big could possibly manifest in both teams before they appear.

Mary in Ohio sent me this news article today. Less than 24 hours and possibly while we were releasing this sign a major event was happening with the New York Giants that would be reported in the news.

Mike Pope, the only coach on all four of the Giants’ Super Bowl championship teams, was fired as tight ends coach on Wednesday as Big Blue continued to shake up their offensive staff.


This news event is layered with many other prophetic messages that reveal what’s about to happen in the world of Sports in this country and globally. Somehow this industry has become a god to many and all gods created by man must be dethroned. We will deal with this a bit more at a later time. I can feel brothers cringing already. : )

The Firing of Pope! There are more prophetic messages embedded. January 3, 2014, we posted another Prophecy Out On a Limb. Eye stated that there would be an Assassination Attempt on the POPE, probably within 18 month- possibly much sooner. If this happens sooner than 18 months, they most likely will not be successful. PROPHECY 2014 & BEYOND

Could we find a clue as to how this attempt will be carried out against Pope Francis 1? It seems like the prophetic signs are telling us something will be fired at him, most likely a bullet.

(Use this information as a teaching tool for how the prophetic sometimes work. Spirit will reveal a thing, because God can do nothing or allow nothing in the universe without first revealing it to His servants the prophets somewhere. Then they must speak or write what has been revealed, in order to release it from the etheric into the atmosphere.

This agreement between human and divine creates what already is to become. Especially in extreme, unbelievable, totally out of the box, weird prophecy; the prophet/oracle is given the grace and ability to give a sign to validate that his or her word will come to pass. Within that validation/confirmation will be layered many other hidden prophetic clues for those who have an Eye to see.

The Prophet Isaiah gave an unbelievable prophecy of what would be, King Ahaz could hardly believe it. Isaiah challenged him to ask for a sign in the constellation, in the sea or earth. King Ahaz was afraid and did not want to ask. Prophet Isaiah gave a sign anyways, it was astrological and physical. Isaiah 7)

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