The Eclipse Shadow Covers 7 Salems

The Eclipse Shadow Covers 7 Salems

We stated that we would be providing further revelation and information regarding the Eclipse…so here’s more. There is so much we can read from it prophetically. we are in very prophetic times. We will probably be sharing even after tomorrow- so much I have not covered. We had been looking at the 12 States dead center of the Totality Zone and the 2 other states – My brotha Slim pointed out to me the research of Clyde that shows 7 Cities name Salem will be darkened across America.

So you think this Solar Eclipse happening tomorrow has No Relevance? Genesis 1:14 says God created the Sun Moon, etc for SIGNS. This Eclipse’s Path will cover exactly 7 Cities name SALEM across America- Find out what what this means. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL.

(The map highlighting the 7 Cities named Salem was provided by Clyde — I could not get Salem Oregon to fit.)

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