The Lion’s Gate Is Opening

The Lion’s Gate Is Opening

The Portal for the Lion’s Gate is opening.

(Just before we proceed through, we are thankful for new people finding the website and want to address a reoccurring question. Why do you deal with astrology and profess to be a Christian? It is very simple, the Bible is filled with astrology from Genesis-Revelation. The very first prophecy of Messiah was astrological. Furthermore, it is a powerful prophetic science that’s being restored to the Body of Christ. Most of the prophets in your Bible understood and used this prophetic science. For more in depth understanding check out: Astrology.)

What is the “Lion’s Gate Portal?” It is when Earth, Sun and Sirius moves into alignment; while the Sun is in LEO, the Lion constellation. Just to get an idea how big of a deal this is, our Sun is so big that 1,000,000 Earths can fit inside it. Sirius A, a binary star is so big about 5 Suns the size of ours can fit into it. Sirius is the brightest star in our night sky, 8.6 light years away. It is located in the Gemini constellation, called the Dog Star (Canis Major)- this is the Zodiac sign that was assigned to the Hebrew tribe of Benjamin. “Benjamin shall be as a ravenous as a Wolf: in the morning he shall devour the prey, and at night he shall divide the spoil.” Genesis 49:27 “God counts the number of stars and calls them all by their names.” Psalms 147:4 Benjamin means son of authority, power; son of my right hand.

The movements of the heavens affect everything on the Earth, absolutely nothing can happen on Earth until the Celestial Prophets prophesy it. Then, the earthly prophets interpret it and declare it on Earth. “Thy will be done on Earth as in the heaven.”

We will also experience a Total Solar Eclipse over America ONLY, for the first time in 99 years. August 21, 2017
Perseid Meteor Shower will be the brightest, nothing of its kind for the next 96 years – Peaking August 12, 2017
Partial Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius – August 7, 2017

“Do you know the laws of the universe and how the heavens influence the earth?” Job 38:33


“You have come to the threshold of the Lion’s Gate. This is the portal or Stargate to propel you into your next reality. Sirius is quickly rising to give you the light of the ancients to direct your path. The code 8:8:8: will activate and unlock the blessings for your whole being and give you more access to the etheric body and spiritual world. This is a special time in history that those in the spirit realms have anxiously waited for. The heavens are shouting “this is another phase of your cellular awakening, the time of Acceleration. The light waves-photons coming from Sirius will interact at the cellular level with us.

What is 8:8:8? August 8, 2017, August 17 (8), 2017 and finally, August 26 (8), 2017 the last phase of this download will be complete. The 8th month, 8th date and 17 or 1+7=8 give us the access code for this energetic cosmic download. Again, August 17 (1+7=8), 26 (2+6=8) the residual cosmic energy of this numeric frequency will yet be available. The heavens began to move toward this opening on July 26, and will be completed on August 12 – with August 8 – the most powerful day, the portal being wide open. Sirius, Sun and Earth, will be directly aligned on August 8. Light waves, photon energy, intelligence, spiritual frequencies will be aimed directly at planet Earth, coming from Sirius through our Sun.”

Why do we see this as something spiritual? From the Egyptians, to all ancient cultures, Sirius was known. Sirius was known as the bringer of spirituality, divine wisdom and was called the Spiritual Sun.

Sirius position in the heavens is a fixed star, placed at the bridge of the Milky Way Galaxy. The ancients called him the “Watch Dog” as his constellation seems to watch over an area of the heavens called the abyss and an ocean of stars. Moses called him the Wolf. He was also called by the ancients, the Awakener of the Gods.

This means that when Sirius aligns with our Sun and Earth, the heavens are announcing that Nothing goes unnoticed, good or bad. If we intend to cross the bridge into higher states of consciousness to get to the other side, we must become transparent. Our lives can only change (spiritually, physically, relationship, or financially), when we are willing to look at ourselves and see the need to change. Sirius is the Gate Keeper that can release you from the hell (abyss) you have created or experienced, and open the door to heaven (new blissful realities).

Sirius is well trained and has eons of experiences and can easily sniff out things we try to hide, even the things we hid from our self. Activate the 8:8:8 code with transparency, authenticity and honesty and you will experience new beginnings and a new story developing for your life-a rebirth. Look at each area of your life carefully and allow the fires of Leo to burn out what is necessary and the Lion of Leo will roar on your behalf.

Leo is a fire sign, with the Sun as it’s ruling planet. The kingly, royal star called Regulus is the main star of Leo. The Lion’s Gate Portal energized by Sirius will bring opportunities for spiritual growth, success, prosperity, promotion, power and recognition. This energy is designed to awaken the divine in you, the royalty and sense of worth in you. Allow it.

AUGUST 7 – just before the wide open Lion’s Gate Portal- there will be a Partial Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon) In AQUARIUS. Leading up to this date, tremors in some areas of your life could be felt. This Eclipse is designed to shake things up, so that we can experience the benefits and blessings coming from the Watch Dog star Sirius. We are creatures of habits and wont easily change unless things become extremely uncomfortable. If your star sign is LEO, this is leading up to the big finale in some areas for you. It’s all good. Uncertainty, can be the breeding grounds for the miraculous. God, the Universe is trying to get you to the point of Releasing and Letting Go of things you no longer need…don’t allow them to handicap you any further. You no longer need the crutch of sympathy, attention or compassion from others. Sirius spot light is upon you.

Fear of the unknown says tighten your grip on things (relationships, career, job, health worries, religious-political views, etc) God is wanting to change things for your benefit. The heavens are shouting, “LET GO!!! DON’T WORRY!!! EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE ALRIGHT!!! Everything that can be shaken must be shaken.” (Look at the American government and White House – it will only get worse; which is good, in a round of about way.) Again, the Celestial Prophets are confirming each other; this Aquarian energy of Eclipse – August 7th is all about CHANGE. The New Testament messages opens with “Change your Thinking/Mind” (Repent) – then you will see the things manifest that you deeply yearn for within.

The Lion’s Gate portal is a portal to the heart. We must be true to our heart, as matters of the heart (relationships) are being shaken.

This is leading up to America’s Great Solar Eclipse – August 21, 2017 – This is indeed a power packed month.

“For those of you that reverence my name/nature shall the SUN of Righteousness arise (to align with the galactic center of your being) with healing rays of light.” Malachi 4:1


Numbers are very important to the Creator and to those that understand the power of cosmic or universal spiritual laws. They give off vibrations that set in motion and prophesy what shall be. They also serve as secret codes that unlock other dimensions, realms of Spirit and levels of consciousness within. God thought numbers to be so important that he had the fourth book of the Torah/Bible (Book of Numbers) to reflect that and to be written with 36 chapters. 36 is a Master Number. However, most who read the Bible are unaware of the secret numeric codes of the 360 degrees (36 chapters) that completes our planetary wandering cycle through the wilderness of our galaxy. The metaphor was the Hebrew nation of Israel wandering in the Wilderness before entering the Promised Land. At the end of year 2012, we completed this Cosmic Wandering in the 360 degree arch of space through the Zodiac and are now being positioned to enter the Cosmic Promised Space.

888 is the numeric value of “Jesus” in Greek using gematria, however, 888 is also the numeric value of “Evil” in the Hebrew-Chaldean Lexicon of the OT. {The number 8 represents NEW DAY/New Beginnings, Rebirth, Resurrection Life, Immortality and Infinity}.

Here we have what appears as a paradox, Jesus and (d) Evil sharing the same numeric vibration. The law of opposites are always presented throughout the many complex lessons of life. The coin has two sides, but the coin is one. The power of choice empowers the students in classroom Earth to create their destiny. 8+8+8=24 or (24 reduces to 6) 2+4=6 – 6 is the number of Man (humanity), created on the 6th day. Man fully enlightened is the GOD-MAN as Jesus the Christ manifested. However, Man only realizing his humanness will manifest Evil or (D)evil. Evil is only the reverse of Live (life). In other words; it is man (humanity) living his life in reverse, backwards or rebellion to universal divine laws.

As this gateway opens in the heavens between July 26 – August 12, the Lion of the tribe of Judah beacons us to enter. This gateway is also opening in the higher realms of human consciousness ushering in a greater expression of the King of Glory. “Lift up your heads O ye gates and the King of Glory shall come in.” Psalms 24

*** Eye see this time frame can be used for great healing, restoration and reconciliation of relationships that’s been strained when both sides are willing. As the Sun intensifies in Leo, deep emotions will surface. Allow the love, forgiveness and grace of God to cover and erase what has been done. Yet on the other hand, don’t recreate old cycles of toxic encounters-Let go and Let God.

*** If you are recovering from addictions and have had a good period of sobriety – do not over estimate your will power to say, “No,” during this season. Keep yourself out of the company of temptation – outer forces operating seeking to connect with inner weaknesses are more active through August 22.

*** This is a Portal of Change- Blessings and Financial opportunities for those who will step forward and demand what is rightfully theirs. The heavens shouts VICTORY


The lion in the Bible has a two-fold symbolism; the conquering Christ or the devil your adversary. As I stated earlier, we are yet somewhat subject to the law of opposites and what appears as duality. There are events about to happen that will affect all of us. However, many of us will be kept from maximum impact by the grace of God and our choosing to align ourselves with all that IS. Here are some of the things we will most likely see over the next several months through November and beyond. We always make our readers aware that ONLY a change in mass consciousness (repentance) will prevent, delay or cushion the effects of the day we have come to. Often things are revealed through various aspects of the prophetic gift so we can change them. Pray about these things, if they should be changed.

*** A month or so ago Eye stated regarding this White House Administration – “You aint see nothing yet…” The heavens will keep the pressure on and intensifying right up to August 21 – Things will become increasingly irrational, forcing Trump to say/tweet or posture in a shocking way during the week of the 21st…Eye see the 23rd flashing as a Watch date that could cause globa
l attention/concern.

*** Eye see Perseus the Breaker in the constellation of Aries has his sword held high in his right hand and the head of Medusa (MED-USA – Healthcare Bill Issues) in his left. (The heavenly constellations are God Prophets that don’t lie) What’s happening? There’s a huge Meteor Shower emanating from the Sword of Perseus, peak date is August 12-the night sky will light up.


——– This is (2) Fold – This represents Victory and Breakthrough for some- but this breakthrough is deadly. The heavens speak of Aggression- increased Warfare – nothing like it at it peaks in the years to come will be seen for nearly 100 years. Furthermore, this speaks of the abuse and misuse of masculine energy to endanger others.



——- Secondly, this Perseid Meteor shower also speaks of great Victory and Breakthrough as a result of “spiritual warfare” – Cut off the head of the enemy with the sword of the Word, prophetic declaration; overturn Evil in high places. The light of Sirius, the Sun and Perseid Meteor Shower will expose whatever is done in the dark or in the light. Cut down every policy that would increase and bring about Death (Med-USA).

*** The Eclipses of August 7 & August 21 are telling us over the next several months a Major Shaking will manifest in the US Economy and globally.

*** Eye see a new cycle of Major Earthquake activity coming. A prelude will happen before the August 21 Eclipse. Asia and Central Asia vibrating – also.
*** Eye see back to back Storms and Hurricanes during this coming season – (Gulf states impacted) – very active period.
HURRICANE HARVEY CATEGORY 4 STORMS SLAMS TEXAS – AUGUST 25, 2017 (Followed by Hurricanes IRMA, JOSE & KATIA =’back to back”)
*** Eye am hearing news of a well known person in an Air Crash. Eye am seeing a series of Air Disasters, one after the other. (A string of high-profiled deaths through various means during the next 4 months)
Two Virginia policemen killed in helicopter crash linked to clashes 8/12/17

“And of the children of Issachar were men who had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do.”

If you have an interest in Christian Mysticism, Biblical Metaphysics, and being able to understand the Bible on a much deeper level than the Sunday School version…These books are for you. Get them today!


(Lion’s gate image by Ellen McDonough – Lion’s Gate 8:8 – Places of Light)
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  1. Every time I read your wisdom it brings confirmation. I too have “seen” plane failures and the impact on well known figures. Another thing that has been VERY strong lately is the pride I have in my last name PEREZ. In fact I have a tatoo on my left shoulder; an infinity symbol with the last name Perez written in cursive in the continual line. (I drew it myself, my hand writing) . I am often asked, “What tribe are you from?” My answer: Judah.

    • Thanks, blessings

  2. Thanks be too God, I found you

    • We found each other. 🙂

  3. I glorify theLord for awesome revelation that forces us ‘christians’to stop trying to fit our God in our own ‘limited’boxes (traditional christian thinking).


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