The Overlooked Ble$$ing…

The Overlooked Ble$$ing…

There is a story in the Bible that I have used in messages many times over the years or shared individually with those I was trying to uplift. The ekklesia (Church) of the 1st century was going through great persecution. James, the brother of the beloved Apostle John had been killed by King Herod. The religious/political government of that time was targeting the “People of the WAY.” These people were later called “Christians,” but quite different from many who call themselves that today.

Herod saw how happy the religious Jews were with the killing of these people, so he went after another leader, Peter. Peter was arrested and scheduled to be killed after Passover to further appease the religious people. But something strange and supernatural happened. While Peter was under the tight security of 16 guards and even chained between 2 guards, locked away in the innermost 3rd part high security area of the prison; he had an almost unbelievable encounter.

Peter was in a deep sleep between the 2 prison guards he was shackled to. The next day he was to be killed (martyred) for his belief in Yahshua (Jesus), performing miracles in that name and proclaiming the Kingdom of God. It was probably a deep sleep of depression, knowing that he would be killed in a matter of hours, as his dear friend and spiritual brother James had been. During the time that Peter was in prison, there was a marathon Prayer Meeting going on for his release. This probably went on for days around the clock, it was the end of Passover.

“Peter therefore was kept in prison: but prayer was made without ceasing of the church unto God for him.” Acts 12:5

Peter was in such a deep sleep that when the angel appeared, he actually had to slapped Peter on his side to wake him up. Miraculously his chains fell, he was led out of the inner high security areas past two other sections, the outside prison gate opened on its own, as Peter and the angel escaped. All this time Peter thought he was dreaming or having a vision. He did not even know he was FREE.

Sometimes we experience things in life and there seem no way out. So many people, good Believers feel they are chained to DEBT. They have been captured by the system and the tsunami of DEBT seems to be overwhelming. Freedom from debt seems only like a dream. Mortgage, rent, medical bills, college loans, kids college loans, multiple car payments, multiple Credit Card payments, insurance, utilities, cable, internet, phones, food, pet doctors bills, pet food…etc. etc. These are the guards demanding monthly attention that many are chained to… Oh, the dream of Debt Freedom, or at least to pay off some of these bill. Prayer has gone on for a long time for these things.

For some it is physical or mental health issues that you seem to be chained to with the guards of medication and fear that wont let you go. Others, it could be the chains of addictions (drugs, alcohol, sex, etc), or spiritual bondage.

Peter did not realize that what he desired and others had prayed about for him had already happened.

“So Peter left the cell, following the angel. But all the time he thought it was a dream or vision and didn’t believe it was really happening… Peter finally realized what had happened! “It’s really true!” he said to himself. “The Lord has sent his angel and saved me from Herod and from what the Jews were hoping to do to me!” Acts 12:9,11

Can Eye Prophesy? “Some of you reading this message are about to have experiences, encounters and changes in your life that’s going to be nothing less than supernatural. It will be as if you are dreaming. You will want someone to slap you or pinch you to prove that God just did something you had been praying about for years, struggling with for a long time, or got you out of debt. Yahweh will send his angel to save you and deliver you from whatever prison you might be in.

You might have an eviction notice. Foreclosure notice or auction notice. They might be trying to repossess your property. Fired or laid-off from your job. Yahweh will send his angel to show you a way out..”

Peter finds his way to the place where this Marathon prayer meeting is being held and knocks at the door. A young woman name Rhoda answers and recognizes Peter’s voice and gets really excited. Here’s the funny part. Peter is trying to get out of the streets, realizing that the known Believers homes are under surveillance. Rhoda gets so excited, she forgets to open the door to let Peter in. Instead she goes back to the prayer meeting and interrupts it by telling them in so many words, “What You Are Praying For Is At The Door. It’s already here.”

“They didn’t believe her. “You’re out of your mind,” they said. When she insisted they decided, “It must be his angel. They must have killed him.” Acts 12:15

The blessing that they were praying for was at the door…knocking. They tried to spiritualize it, “it’s his angel…” I can imagine Peter hearing the commotion and nervously looking all around, hoping no guard or snitch sees him. The overlooked blessing was yet knocking…while they were yet crying and praying for it. Poor Rhoda yet tried to convince them as the knocking got louder, she didn’t realize all she had to do was OPEN the door.

Isn’t that the way it is many times, our mind’s are tightly closed to things that we are unfamiliar with. The problem is we have things mapped out in our mind how they will happen and the road it will take to get there. Finally, Rhoda convinced them to come out side and see for themselves. After stepping outside of their paradigm, set of beliefs, ideas and limited expectations of how their prayers were to be answered; they saw what they were praying for around the clock all those days was already there. The women got so excited, Peter had to tell them to calm down.

How many times have we overlooked the Ble$$ing? Many of us expected some major financial movements years ago with the Iraqi Dinar, Bonds, Prosperity Packages, St Germaine Trust. We were sort of expecting someone to do it for us. All those things might yet happen and I sure hope they do…many have died in the faith already, waiting,

Your healing, miracle, family relationship and financial miracle is at the door. Just receive it. Open your mind to unlimited possibilities. Recently, I decided to research CrowdFunding and was amazed at the unlimited potential to support, ministry, missionary (humanitarian) work, start a business, pay off mortgages, car loans, credit card debt, medical bills and literally anything; including my personal need or desires.

Could it really be that simple? Have we overlooked a Ble$$ing that’s been knocking at the door since President Obama signed it into law in 2012? This is the JOBS ACT – CrowdFunding.
Could CrowdFunding be the Overlooked Ble$$ing that could immediately get people out of all kinds of Debt and bring abundance immediately?

How would one get started Crowdfunding? I’ll show you. Can this be used anywhere in the world? Yes! Are all CrowdFunding Activities the same? No!

Here’s a video clip below that shows you the possibilities. This is a spiritual based CrowdFunding Activity on steroids. We are literally putting into practice Luke 6:38 “Give and it shall be given to you, good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over shall men and women give to you.”

Church Mortgage, home mortgage, business mortgage, humanitarian projects, personal needs…knocking at your door. It is not just a dream. God knows your address.

WasZupp Global Humanitarian Movement will launch in less than a month. Our reachable goal is to DONATE $1 Billions to global humanitarian projects in 24 months. We are Setting Up Accounts Now and being positioned for the tsunami of wealth transfer.
If you are interesting in becoming a “CrowdFunding Missionary & Beneficiary ” – contact me immediately. Registration is Free and you will need info how to set up your account. We want to help your dream become a reality…really FAST.

My 10 year old son Zarius put together this 1 minute video for me. He did everything except choose the text and a few images. he’s amazing.


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