The Quantum Tabernacle Within – Rudy Jones

The Quantum Tabernacle Within – Rudy Jones

Last week I was fellowshipping  with Rudy Jones on the phone.  I had not talked with him for quite a while,  Spirit was encouraging me to call him.  He thought I must have had a word from the Lord for him, but it was the opposite, he had a word for me.  It was in the form of revelation knowledge as Spirit immediately led the conversation toward mysteries of the Tabernacle.  To say the least, I got spiritually fed and I guess I was able to say a few things to further inspire him.

The living Word, the Torah is sooo rich, be  careful to never come to a final conclusion…the way you see things today may not be the way you see them next week, next month or next year.  As you change from glory to glory, so must your understanding of the Living Word and God change.  Experience this message below from possibly a different perspective for some of you, written by Rudy :


The New Testament states that our physical body is the Tabernacle of God. The prophetic pattern for our spiritual body in [Heb.8: 5, the tupos; “the die”] was hidden within’ the Tabernacle of Moses, a few miles west from Egypt.. 

Are you aware that there was, in the original Wilderness Tabernacle (identified man as The Sanctuary of God) ; a second Tabernacle, concealed  yet clearly illustrated?   There was and is; but to our natural mind, it is at the invisible spiritual and quantum level. That means that it was at first (at the beginning hidden to the natural mind. ( I am sent with a NEW message ) 

Now, in the time realm of Aquarius; we recognize that our mind operates like a computer. Our mind must be re-programmed to spiritual information that connects to God’s Spiritual network. That requires understanding ‘our God given choice to give control of our senses over to God’s Spirit. Have you done that?  Selah; identifies the Rock Moses was told to speak to;   “we must speak to our water of life Rock”. ( it is the nitty-gritty; “let us go on”)  

(*Important* The word ‘tupos’ (translated pattern) in Hebrews 8..means The Tabernacle in heaven was “like a die cast”; however Jesus said, ”I go to prepare a place ; the word he used is ‘topos’ and means “an opportunity or position requiring occupancy”. We must be aware of the difference.*)  

 The word Moses meansdrawn out of the water”; we find a symbolic connection to him; because in our natural genetic DNA birth; we are “drawn out of our mother’s embryotic water.  To your Spirit, I will present how the symbolic five   Priestly appointments in the wilderness Tabernacle were symbolic to our own “outer natural mind 5 senses in our individual Tabernacle.  

When we are; “by Word Covenant” born again; we were “baptized into the embryotic water which flowed from Christ’s side. (30 minutes after he died)  That historic event,  happened to awaken us to our Father’s Spirit and to breathe His Breath.  OurUrim, in the 5 senses, are “transformed and transfigured, into’ of the ‘light’ of our Priestly role to our body to image Christ. It is this Understanding that makes operational, in the quantum spiritual mind, our anointed Christ union oneness. In our natural genetic mortal birth; our Spirit mind of Christ was there; but sadly is inactive or asleep in many sincere believers; not yet awakened.  (Hello)  


Our consciousness of our Spirit Mind is made “on line” active at our second birth. This application is for every “born again human” in our individual occupied place, prepared  by the Spirit of Christ.  We are given responsibility for the Son Placingof our five senses under the control of God’s Spirit …. 


That option is included in this message of GRACE and has a road map directing us on how to get back to where Spiritually we came from; in the Most Holy Garden. That experience   clearly connects us to the faithful believers in Hebrews 11. 

 And truly, if they had been mindful of whence they came from, they would likely have had opportunity to have returned (Heb.11: 15) They never received the Promise of Sabbath Rest and now are dependent on we believers who are joined to them in the family of faith. When we return; they with us ascend consciously into our promised Sabbath Rest. 

 Our assignment is given in the Book of Hebrews; which means to cross over to another dimension of life There remaineth therefore a rest (#4520, Sabbathomis) for the people of God”. (as the Creator entered His Sabbath Rest  and ceased from His own work”  (Heb. 4: 9; and 10 paraphrased.)  Our rest is called katapausio #2663; settle down”; into watching the Spirit direct our path”. 

I have discovered that there was then and still is today; (because there is nothing new under the sun. (Eccl. 1: 9-11 ;    i.e. that is “nothing new under the sun, (with God); with man we are discovering daily what is already finished in God’s plan).  (The Spiritual Tabernacle is already completed within our Physical Tabernacle body; but each day we live in the excitement of discovering those “finished truths”).  

 (This is for Real); there are two Tabernacles; the Spiritual Tabernacle is identified scripturally as “the heart”.  It is pre-programmed as our spiritual mind ( I have concluded that it is in the right hemisphere of our “mind” (our spirit right  brain; addressed as  “let this mind  be in you”; (mind is #5424 pharaoh, and means “understanding” has also (illustrated in the inner Quantum Tabernacle;  the same good and evil imaginative Cherubim (  Hebrew; “Keri bum” symbols that were embroidered  in the original Spirit panels of the  Quantum Tent in Exodus 26.1; “Moreover thou shalt make the tabernacle with ten curtains…. With cherubim of cunning work.  

The new challenge I am proposing is; for us is to learn how to get back to where we came from. In the Levitical program in the “religion of Moses’ Tabernacle was to get (beyond the flesh veil, into the Most Holy Place.)  The New Covenant is different. (Our life in and as Christ must expect to have a paradigm shift; we are actually, in Christ, going back to our Father’s first love plan; His Plan was “to become man-ifest) 

 Seriously. This is the most important message I have ever attempted to share and I believe may be the most important [individual] Spirit discovery revealed in Aquarius, the water-word-man.  

The Quantum Tabernacle validates every precept; upon precept of the New Covenant. For every believer; this insight will result in an Aquarian paradigm shift for your personal Christ Life with understanding. Selah; “speak to your Rock” 

While housebound by a physical health challenge; after 60 years of teaching; I decided to do a complete, word for word, line upon line analysis, of the instructions for constructing the Holy place for the LORD to live... Quickly; I was drawn to the word moreover in Exodus 26:1. The instructions for constructing a dwelling place for God began in Ex.25.1-40; chapter 26:1 begins…. 

Moreover thou shall make the Tabernacle  ( Strong’s #4908; mishkan and from 7901, “shakab”, and is defined “ for a  permanent lodging; to lie down for intimate relationship)the Scripture continues, “make  ten curtains of fine twined linen (fine twined signifies white)white and blue and purple and scarlet; with Cherubim; ( kerubim means imaginations) of cunning work”  ( cunning is #2803, chashab; defined as to interpenetrate, to conceive, fabricate or embroidery). 

 The Cherubim figures were embroidered with gold threads; they were imaginary figures and I suggest, represent the inherited and plus from babyhood, experienced emotional, [good and evil, yes and no, yang and yang, urim and thummin good and evil imaginations  daily and continually, awake and asleep; challenging our righteous worthiness;  generally creating (conceiving, failure, embarrassments’ and guilt; “they block our way back to the garden”. 

I have concluded that in the ‘religious view of the Tabernacle’  the priests were ‘going’ forward toward the Most Holy Place. I now see it differently; we the priests ‘in Christ’ are returning to where we came from. That, my friend, is a universe of paradigm difference. 

I wish to suggest that the red, blue, purple and white colors of the panels making up the “the quantum mishkan tent with gold Cherubim of cunning work, Ex. 26; also connects the mishkan to the mirror image of the Noach rainbow covenant”]   indicating spiritually, in symbols the frequencies of the Ultra  Violet  rays which produce white light; as  they are symbolized together in the rainbow and are also as white light.  We priests, inside the mishkan Tabernacle; see that white light is God’s symbol for ‘the gift of the white robe of righteousness. The white Righteous robe was and is the requirement for the High Priest entry into the MHP, (Garden of Eden) on the Day of At-one-ment.      

I became aware that there is, in Exodus 25 and 26 ,  two different sets of instructions for two different levels of  “dwelling places; one for the natural religious human realm and another for the secret, ”body of Christ” Spirit priest . The first set in Ex. 25 was for the people of Israel to see as a Church like Worship Center” (Religion has used the model and en-snares groups without emphasis on individual identity) where The Cloud was their evidence of God’s Presence. ( and still in “worship” gatherings, the “cloud, crowd” can rob individuals of their unique “inner” experience)  

**** For serious students: check out Heb. 8 : 5; study the difference in example 5263 and shadow 4639 and pattern 5179; ( 5263; 4639 and 5179)… important in the return journey; the difference in religion and our individuality as part of the secret (Navy Seals types) unrecognized remnant **** 

The instructions in Ex. 26 appear to be applicable as God’s provision for the potential in “each person; supporting His “no respecter of persons precept”; [Rom.2: 11;  ph. 6: 9; 2 Sam. 14: 14] while at the same time introducing the doctrine of  individual faith”. 

The big, visible “religious” Wilderness Tabernacle involved the active role of five (5) Levitical; of the Kohath family, Priests, (Aaron and his four sons; 5 priests). They were the only interactive religiously; representing two million or more, individuals’, with no chance to become a Levite; except by marriage for the women. Since “God is NO respecter of personsand NEVER changes; I feel free to identify as applicable to you and I and every other person the 5 priests  were only representing  to us and potentially to every person, our five (5) senses; which; when we understand must be recognized andsanctifiedto and for God’s manifested Glory. His Love Plan. 

Looking at the inner Tabernacle of the ten curtains as an encrypted or hidden message …. when the priestly representatives, of our 5 senses entered “The Door” into and  under the five tent panels embroidered with Cherubim; I ask you to see  the beginning as man’s journey back to where we came from, and observe the “flaming” sword of the Cherubim that seems to be everywhere we look;  positioned at the gate, to keep away the  unrighteous.  

WOW..  Hebrews 11 said about the Hall of Fame of Faith people; who never received the promise of  The REST  that comes with knowing intimate Oneness with our Father; “had they been mindful of where they came from, likely they would have been able to “return”. 

When we examine the Cherubim…and recognize that, beyond the “veil of the Adam flesh” (Heb. 10: 20) the Cherubim were also in the Most Holy realm, above the Mercy Seat.. I connect the two Trees in the Garden.  One of Life and one of Good and Evil.. Our Father chose for this Earth dimension experience; that here is always an opposing force. But when we get back; everything works for good in the ONE tree of Lives. 

I look forward to sharing “the Rest  of the story… 

by Rudy Jones

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  1. EXCELLENT teaching…..AMEN. Father has given us Natural Visible patterns to explain Supernatural Invisible journeys/processes.

    Because HE IS LOVE, HE BENDS DOWN to RAISE US UP. Like a Father does with their small children….describing DEEP TRUTHS in the language of the child.

    My heart/spirit melts in the knowledge of the depth, height, width and length of HIS LOVE.

  2. I love this word!
    I was given this word in a vision dream several years ago that says, The Glory of Christ shall reveal a Door and His nature shall open it!
    We are entering into some exciting times of truth and revelation of Who we are in Christ!
    Father is calling us to go beyond the Door and experience the Knowing and the manifestation of…Greater is He that is within us than he that is in the world!


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