Virgo – Centaurus Suffering – Part 3

Virgo – Centaurus Suffering – Part 3


Centaurus a decan of Virgo.  The Sun is in Virgo from August 23 – September 22. Virgo the Pregnant Virgin has 3 decan (faces, expressions), which are sub-constellations that makes up her complete Zodiac house.   In each of the series of this message we will be showing you the star map that makes up the complete house of Virgo.




People often wonder, how did we get these ancient images of humans, animals, creatures and objects that make up the constellations, and are recognized globally. After the creation of the human, the angels taught them the secrets of the stars. The shapes and images reflected what humans had seen on the earth. Of course, some of the creatures like Centaurus is considered only a mythological creature that never existed by most.  As above, so below.  Whatever image we see in the heavens must have had a literal counterpart on earth at one time or maybe now.   This ancient knowledge is being restore and taught to us by the angels again.

In our last article, COMA SPEAKS, We pointed out that Coma was the first decan of Virgo. The Zodiac sign of Virgo the Virgin itself, is the celestial declaration of the Christ child being born of a virgin. It is also layered with many other prophetic clues of the 21st century generation of Christ (Messiahs) being birth into existence in a supernatural way. Read MESSAGE FROM VIRGO to get a clearer understand.

In Virgo part 2, the man-child has been born, this is portrayed as Coma is holding the Desired One. He is destined to rule. Draco the Dragon constellation is nearby the Galactic Center, waiting to devour the child. This is yet foreshadowing the perils of our time, as our Solar System moved through the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, December 21, 2012.   It is in late December when the Sun  moves out of Sagittarius, where Draco is stationed. This is the prophetic celestial gospel  of  the man-child company that will escape the plan of the enemy, as Jesus escaped the sword of Herod.   It is all written in the heavens.

Centaurius in Virgo rises September 3 – September 12. The second decan (face-phase) of Virgo continues to retell the story of the past, present and future; however, it is not all glorious. Centaurus reminds us, we must be crucified, before we can be glorified. The stars in Centaurus means, the Despised, Rejected; Sin offering.  You can see the Hydra-sea serpent just above the Centaur.




The Centaur is a half man and half horse, it has a dual nature.  We   hear so many negative things about duality these days and how bad it is.  However, to bring balance to that teaching, there is a place for duality and it is very much necessary at this time to bring us to singularity.  The maps of the heavens shows the Centaur with a spear and an animal on the end of it. To have a clearer understanding of how this relates past, present and future and to the Bible; we must look at what is considered Greek mythology.

I call Greek mythology, the Bible given to the Greeks. It would be very hard to understand Divine astrology, without understanding the mythology. They actually confirms the Bible stories, only the names are changed. In reading mythology and understanding the constellations, one must realize that the meanings are multi-dimensional, heavily layered and interchangeable. A mythological character or Zodiac sign can represent various roles of the same character. For example, Virgo the Pregnant Virgin is telling the story of the virgin girl Mary that would come and give birth to Jesus (Yahushua) the Christ. However, Virgo also tells the story of “called out ones” of our time, giving birth to the Christ Consciousness in the earth. Revelation 12    Another way of understanding this, look at your roles; you are mother, daughter, wife, sister.

In the most accepted mythology of Centaurus, he is playing a few roles and we will only examine slightly the most important ones. Try to follow the story and see the similarities in the Bible, but don’t get hung up in all the sensational details.

A king in Thessaly name Ixion had not paid for the sins he committed, including murdering his creditor Eioneus, by throwing him into a pit of flaming fire. No man or lower god would purify and cleanse Ixion for his great sin. The God of gods, Zeus had mercy on him and invited him up to Mount Olympus for a purification ritual. Ixion was excited that he would be purified of his sins. Once on Mt. Olympus with the Elohim (gods), he noticed Hera, Zeus wife-the Queen of heaven. (Isn’t Mary, the mother of Jesus, called the Queen of heaven?) He lusted after her and tried to seduce her. Zeus could not believe that this man would do this after being offered purification.

(In the Bible, which month was called the month of purification and preparation? Was it not Elul, the month we are in now? Which Zodiac sign does Elul fall under? Virgo. History says it was in Elul, when Moses was given instructions how to make the first ashes of the Red Heifer for Purification).

Zeus decided to set a trap for Ixion. He formed a nephos (cloud), it was called Nephele, a cloud goddess and made her to look exactly like Hera. She laid beside Ixion, when he woke up, he had sex with her, thinking it was the Queen of heaven, Hera.

By Ixion’s actions, Zeus knew that Ixion had not changed. He was confined to a wheel to roll through Tatarus (hell) forever. The wheel represents Karma, what goes around comes around – we reap what we sow. Just as he had thrown Eioneus in the fire, so was he.

[The connections that Eye don’t want you to miss are repentance and the ritual of purification in Greek mythology that’s was assigned to when the Sun is in Virgo.  It is not coincidence that our Bible assigns this same spiritual activity to the month Elul, when the Sun is in Virgo.  Elul is the month of repentance and examining our heart.  In Hebrew understanding, the King descends from His throne to observe mankind more closely and walks among us.  In Greek mythology, Ixion ascends to Mt Olympus for purification and to walk among the gods and be observed.]


The cloud Nephele got pregnant with Ixion’s child. The cloud gave birth to Chiron, later called Centaurus; he became the father of the race of centaurs (half man- half horse), as he mated with the Magnesian mares. He was half human and half divine, the wisest of centaurs and taught astrology, philosophy, music and healing. He was the only immortal centaur.

In spite of all his good works, he was despised and rejected by humans and even forsaken by the Elohim (gods). In this, we see another picture of Jesus, “he came to his own, but his own received him not.” Isaiah said, “He was despised and rejected of men.” On the cross Jesus said, “My God, why has thou forsaken me?”

Let’s look at the definition of the names of some of the stars that make up the constellation of Centaurus. Beseh – the despised, Cheiron – the pierced, Toliman – the heretofore and the hereafter, Asmeath – sin offering.  (Keep in mind modern astronomers have change some names of stars and definitions, giving them western meaning.  The name we provide are the ancient Egypt & Arabic names mostly).


The constellation of Centaurus is showing us the path of suffering that leads to glory. We understand that the experience is not accomplished by “religious work”, however, sonship does not automatically happen.

“Though he were a Son, yet he learned obedience through the things he suffered.” Hebrews 5:8 “If we suffer with him, we will reign with him.” 2 Timothy 2:12 “And anyone who does not carry his own cross can not be my disciple.” Luke 14:27 “For I reckon that the suffering of this present world can not be compared to the glory that shall be revealed in us.” Romans 8:18

Centaurus is showing us, if you want to be an Overcomer, you must have something to overcome. Your flesh, humanity, flaws and weaknesses serve as the rite of passage into glory.

Look at the image again closely. What is that underneath him near his rear right hoof/foot? It’s CRUX!! The Southern Cross Constellation that’s found in Libra, the next sign after Virgo.



Virgo the Pregnant Virgin is making herself ready. Then, Virgo is seen again as Coma, the first decan. She has delivered the man-child, the Desire of all nations. But in order for this to be realized, the (2) natures of Jesus (man) Christ (God-horse, power) – the Desire of all nations shows up as Centaurus, the second decan of Virgo. He is hinting that the only way for him and us to be glorified and reach his-our fullest unlimited potential; is to go to the Cross (Crux).  The heavens declare it.

Reading the heavens further, notice the Centaur  is above Crux.   He has overcome death, suffering and all the things of the 3 dimensional world. He has a spear in his hand, he has slain the beast (lower nature-ego) and is about to offer it on Ara the Altar constellation. “I beseech you brethren, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable…” Romans 12

It is only through the principle and power of the cross – the understanding of the Finished Work, that we remain in victory. The lower nature must be offered upon the altar to be consumed by the Holy Ghost fire. The Hydra (giant water serpent) constellation above him can not touch him. he is not intimidated by it.  When  one has overcome the enemy within, the enemy without has no power over him.

At the birth of the man-child, Draco the Dragon sought to devour him in Virgo – Coma. Now as a mature son, the Hydra is above him, but can not touch him. So it is with all that is born of God. You have the power to thread on serpents and scorpions.


The stars tell the story of human history and human future. In the stars are also found the teachings of eternal torment and deliverance from it. “If I make my bed in hell, you are there.” Psalms 139:8 “Thou will not leave my soul in hell.” Acts 2:27

Centaurus was the only immortal centaur, because he was born from a cloud, Nephele the cloud goddess. The angel said that the power of El Elyon would overshadow the virgin Mary. Luke 1:35 A cloud appeared at Jesus’ baptism, also while he was on the Mt Transfiguration, he ascended in a cloud and says he is coming in the clouds.

Back to Greek mythology for a moment: Heracles got into a fight with some drunken centaurs. All the centaurs loved wine and was known for their lustful actions and reveling; except for Centaurus. Heracles used poisoned arrows to defend himself. While shooting at the centaurs, an arrow accidentally hit Centaurus in the foot. Centaurus was not involved in the fighting. (Jesus was also pierced in the feet. Crux was near the right foot/hoof). Since Centaurus was immortal, he was doomed to suffer in pain forever from the poison.   The poison is what the Bible calls sin.

Centaurus was aware that Zeus had sentenced Prometheus to ETERNAL TORMENT for sharing the fire of the Gods with the humans. Prometheus means forethought, the ability to see the future. He and his brother were given the task of creating the human. Prometheus is known as the protector and benefactor of man. Prometheus penalty for sharing technology with humans was to be sent to the Caucasus Mountains and chained with unbreakable chains to a rock forever. An eagle or vulture would come everyday to eat his liver, the next day it would grow back only to be eaten again.  (This is loaded with many mysteries we can not share at this time.  Rudy Jones says the liver represents the glory).

There was one way that Prometheus (type of Adam in this setting) could be delivered from eternal torment. An immortal had to be willing to give up his immortality and to die in Prometheus place. Prometheus could not die, he was a god.

Centaurus chose to give up his immortality and die, so that Prometheus could be released from eternal torment and chains of darkness. Zeus accepted the sacrifice of Centaurus and Prometheus (Adam-humanity) was released from eternal torment. Centaurus made the ultimate sacrifice. Hallelujah!!

As a result of Centaurus selfless sacrifice, he was granted another type of immortality. He was placed among the eternal stars to form the second constellation decan of Virgo. He would forever tell the story of the suffering, rejection, and death of Messiah; also His resurrection and ascension to the heavens.

Because of Centaurus-Jesus, the half god – half man sacrifice, all of humanity has been set free from eternal torment. Jesus laid down his divinity, to be robed in humanity, so that we could once again be clothed in glory and divinity.

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This is Elul  – the 6th month on the Biblical calendar.   The Shofar is sounding each day of Elul to call us to Repentance, returning to the top, the penthouse.  Just as Ixion was summoned to walk among the gods, you are being summoned to walk as gods in the earth.   Allow Psalms 27 to be your daily meditation during the next 25 days of Elul.

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