Vision of Terror Attack…March 2017?

Vision of Terror Attack…March 2017?

“But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet to warn the people and the sword comes and takes someone’s life, that person’s life will be taken because of their sin, but I will hold the watchman accountable for their blood.” “Son of man, I have made you a watchman for the people of Israel; so hear the word I speak and give them warning from me.” Ezekiel 33:6-7

This is the type of message I am always reluctant to share. For nearly two-decades Eye have used this forum, our website to openly and accurately announce events shown to me that would affect our nation, sometimes a specific region, city or other nations. Over the years, we have sometimes given the month, date and approximate time according too that specific time zone the event (natural disaster, air crash, terrorist attack, etc) would be taking place. As Eye often say and have demonstrated over the years, prophesy is not given to Only show us what shall be, but to give us the opportunity To Change, Limit, or sometime Prevent it. Prayer with faith is yet powerful.


On the morning, January 10th between 5:30 am – 6:00 am, the hand of the Yahweh was upon me, as I was taken out in the Spirit of Yahweh. I don’t know what city I was in and usually when I have these types of visions I am in them experiencing the emotions, drama and sometime the physical impact of the event, but it does not mean that I will be in it when it occurs or near the location.

While driving down a street in the daytime, there seems to have been Snipers on rooftops or positioned up high, they were shooting at cars indiscriminately. Eye saw cars veer off the path and crash, drivers slumped over the wheel. The epicenter of this Terrorist Attack was near or around what appeared to me as a Shopping Plaza. Eye saw and heard the cars crashing, then there was another man walking down the middle of the street with long guns shooting people.

I slumped over my steering wheel and allowed my car to gently crash into the parking area, pretending to be dead or wounded. After the man with a scarf covering his nose and mouth passed, I crawled out of the car. My thoughts were to get to the school that was nearby to get my boys. (My boys are not in public school, they are Home-schooled).

There were no sirens and law enforcement was no where to be seen. I reached the school to try to warn what was happening. It appeared that one of the men was at the school, but it did not appear as a “Hostage Situation” at the time. As I found my kids, moving them and others to a safer place; I looked out of the window on the ground level or basement. Eye saw a few people lying in the street. Eye saw a man carrying a limp body of a child. There was yet no sound of law enforcement or first responders and this puzzled me, as I quietened the children.

Eye said to my oldest son, “Do you remember I told you about this vision 2 months ago?” He replied, “Yes,” and began to mention something I could not heard about 2 weeks prior to this incident. Eye sensed there were multiple shooters involved; although, Eye saw possibly two. In the background, Eye heard what sounded like a motorcycle taking off, sirens in the distances as the men fled. The men were not foreign, they were white men from what Eye could see. (It is possible Eye was seeing two separate incidence, since the scenes change.)


This vision is mostly straight forward and a warning to pray, because there will soon be Domestic Terrorist acts that will involve guns and possibly explosives. It is possible, there will be (2) separate attacks. (1) In a Plaza/Shopping type scene (2) A School scene.

(The most vulnerable time for terrorist events to be successful is mid-late March 2017, Sun moving from Pisces to Aries- although, we realize there could be other events sooner.)

Time frame for the event or events – This will happen between 2 weeks from now (January 10, 2017) to the end of March 2017. Most likely around the middle to the end of March 2017. It will happen during, on a Week Day, most likely just before Noon or Early Afternoon, while School it yet is session, possibly (between 10am & 2pm). The shooting scene(s) will be in or near a Shopping Plaza and there will be a School nearby. It will be a sunny day, the weather will be nice and perhaps NOT in a northern state where weather is yet cold in March. (Eye don’t remember seeing winter clothing.) One of the terrorist will be on a motorbike or have possession of one, they appeared to be under 40. There will be an incident in the news somewhere between late February to early March 2017, that trigger them to carry out this plan. It is possible that the media will downplay the event as a “lone wolf” attack, but the near Shopping Plaza type scene will be carried out by multiple people.



What Causes tERRORism? Is it not the ERROR in the terrorist thinking? Is it not the ERRONrous ideas that created Fear and Hate that motivate him or her to carry out acts of violence and murder? Get rid of the ERROR in their programming (thinking/belief) and we end terrorism. REPENT simply means, change your mind, your beliefs, ideas.


Pray that their plans be exposed, uncovered and that they will not be allow to do what the enemy has put in their hearts. Pray for safety of the children and innocent. Be Aware! NOT AFRAID!! If this/these events are not allowed to happen during the time frame stated, there will be a News report of the plot uncovered. WATCH!

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  1. Every plot intended to shutting other people out is a TA. I pray that one day my Eyes are able to disarm all TA’s personally. But I can’t find the windows to reach them. The portals and wormholes to get there are also invisible to me.

    We are authorities and can use those vicious TA-plans as our footstools (act under feet). Leave footprints of peace on them and walk on rough and seemingly dangerous waters. Conquer all fears. Curve the non-excisting timeline. Twirl it into curls.

    Yet, it makes me sad that the locations of the TA’s are unknown to me and prices of flight tickets are soaring.

    I wish you healthy and strong feet nontheless. And thank you for putting up with me once again.

  2. May Jesus bring down their plan. Omein.


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