Zodiac Man

Zodiac Man

Over a decade ago, I was blessed and privileged to speak at various New Age gatherings.  My ministry was well received, as the people were open to prophetic readings, healing and our TribeOscope products (CD’s) at that time.   Gary and Verna Clay and I traveled to various places together and in Mexico ministering, bringing enlightenment, teaching and healing through “sound therapy.”   During that time Gary tuned his keyboard to the ancient Solfeggio Scale, we were using Tuning Forks, colors and energy from our hands to heal in Jesus Name.  There were many testimonials in both New Age and Christian communities.  Of course, during that era there was lots of persecution late 1990’s into early years of 2000, as we introduce Spirit revealed messages on DNA, Divine Astrology and Sound Therapy.


It was a very exciting time pioneering a new way of thinking in the Christian community, creating paradigm shifts and uprooting obsolete religious traditions.  Gary and Verna was living in Hemet, California  at the time, which happened to be the Mecca of the New Age community.  After producing TribeOscope in CD form (no longer available) in his studio, he shared them with some people – the CD’s became a hit.  They set up a meeting for me to come and speak.  As a result of that, I was inspired and given the message, “Zodiac Man.”

I felt somewhat intimidated and reluctant to go because “real” known astrologers from the area would be attending-these were people that had studied the science and been practicing many years.  I have never formally studied astronomy nor astrology.  The little that I know came from Spirit,  my research and divine intuition.  Thank God that the Holy Spirit moves through us because of our availability and always our ability.

In this gathering were people that had been practicing Jews, Jehovah Witness and many other religions.  Without any embellishment, at the end of the meeting, EVERYONE was speaking, singing in tongues and dancing.  After Gary finish singing  – we began to just sing in tongues (spiritual angelic languages) through the microphone (this part was not recorded).  Some asked what this was, I said, “we are channeling.”   “Who,” someone said?  I said, “The Holy Spirit.”  They asked if we could teach them, Gary and I looked at each other and said, “sure.”   As Gary played music using the ancient Solfeggio Scale, Verna and I laid hands on them to activate and impart the Holy Spirit to manifest.  For the next hour, they lined up in child like faith to come to the microphone to channel- sing in tongues and dance around.

Father/Mother God is of no respect of person.  The Word of God is Living, it is alive and LIFE, when spoken by Spirit and out of love.  It will not return void.  Afterwards Gary laughingly said, “they were worse than Charismatics.”  We were overjoyed and could hardly believe how the Holy Spirit honored our effort to serve with No Condemnation or trying to force our beliefs on them.  We just simply presented the Word in a way they could hear it,  in love.  Worshipped in a way where they could experience it, in love.  Prayed in a way where they could experience it, in love.

Here is what Father told me as I was on the airplane that was about to taxi the runway from Seattle to California.  I was complaining that I didn’t feel prepared or know what to say to them.  He said, “I am going to give you the gift of tongues.”  I thought in myself, but I already speak in tongues and have had experiences speaking languages I did not know, but others understood and told me.  He then said, “You will speak New Age tongue, Pentecostal tongue, Baptist tongue, Buddhist tongue or whatever religion you are sent to.”  I had never heard of such before, but it has happened.   God has no label.  God simply, IS.

Then He unrolled a vision before me while sitting on the airplane, it was “Zodiac Man.”  I tried to draw what Eye saw.  The captain announced there was a hydraulic leak and we had to deplane and wait for another plane.  Thank God, I would have an extra hour to work on the message just given to me, “Zodiac Man.”  It all came together just minutes before the meeting started.

Experience this Meditative Message – best experienced after the first 15 minutes with headphones.  Gary is playing using ancient Solfeggio Scale in the background, helping to bring the audience to a Theta state brain wave, along with my voice.  The Theta state helps to by-pass the conscious mind to access healing, trance, visions and other spiritual-paranormal experiences.   At the end-there is an abrupt jar back to Beta state-alert, fully aware.  INjoy the messages several times to absorb the essence of it and get the full benefits of it.  Share it with others.



If you have an interest in learning more about Sound Therapy-Sound Doctrine, visit Gary’s website:   Solfa Sound

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